Let’s meet again for another hands-on session.

I’m looking for help with programming for the e-kart and an affordable Smart Stereo camera paired with a 360 LIDAR, that Peter and other members from http://OSSDC.org initiative we are building.

If you are looking to build autonomous robots (personal assistant, autonomous lawn mowers etc) this Smart Camera/LIDAR combination is very good to avoid obstacles.

Let me know if you have PIC or Arduino experience, also driving BLDC motors and LIDAR Light Pulse 2 or 3.

Thank you a lot to Peter for organizing these events.

This event is the third in a series of hands on workshops that Peter will help organize and lead.

We will meet again at his lab, to work in teams of 2-3 people on building and assembling components hardware+electronics+software of an electrical go-kart that will be initially remote controlled and later we will try to make it fully autonomous through the work done in http://OSSDC.org Initiative.

Here is what you’ll learn and experience in these workshops:

  • what components you’ll need to build your own e-Kart
  • how to assemble and interconnect them
  • how to design and make custom components, if off the shelf products are not available
  • how to use motor drivers and make custom remote controls for RC cars and bigger ones like the e-Kart
  • how to program micro-controllers like Arduino and PIC32 with bluetooth and WiFi chips like HC-05 and ESP8266
  • how to use Raspberry Pi camera and Android phones/tablet devices for remote video streaming and robot control
  • And much more

All of these activities would help you get the knowledge and experience to build your own automation and robotics projects.

Join the GTA Robotics Slack team for more discussions, especially if you need help with your projects (I will move this form on http://gtarobotics.com website):


The location of Peter’s lab will be sent to those that confirm registration for this event, a day in advance, please check your Meetup messages or associated e-mail.

I list here again the projects that Peter is looking to get help with and you could participate also:

  • 3DBott – the 3D printer that prints houses – https://www.3dbott.com/
  • BLDC motors for self driving cars and more
  • P.A.R.D People Assist Robotic Device
  • Solar Heliostats for concentrating Solar energy
  • Custom PCBs for automation including robotics and home automation
  • CAD design and Programming embedded micro controllers

This event is limited to maximum 15 attendees, so please confirm your attendance the latest 1 day before the event.

I’ll send the exact address 1 day before the event to those registered, please check your e-mail then.

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