Calling all hackers, designers, developers, engineers, and persons with lived experience! The Arthritis Society with the support of Eli Lilly has partnered with Hacking Health Toronto to host a hackathon – ArthritisHack.

More than 5 million Canadians living with arthritis face chronic joint pain, stiffness, swelling and persistent fatigue that pose serious challenges to daily life, work functioning, even mental health.

Arthritis can strike anyone at any time, regardless of age, physical condition, or background. There is no cure, and if left untreated arthritis can quickly lead to restricted mobility, irreparable joint damage and a greatly reduced quality of life.

For some forms of the disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, treatments are available to help curtail the worst of the inflammation that leads to joint damage. For others, like Osteoarthritis, lifestyle changes can help prolong function and reduce pain, but there’s no real treatment, so you’re left waiting for your joint to get so damaged that you need to have it surgically replaced. Whatever kind of Arthritis you have, existing treatments don’t fully address patient needs.

Why? Physicians are focused on treating inflammation, while patients are more focused on how the disease impacts their quality of life. And while they appreciate and value the support of their health care providers, patients have important lifestyle needs that are largely unmet in the current clinical setting – needs that can impact the progress of their disease, severity of symptoms and overall health.

What is ArthritisHack?

ArthritisHack is a weekend-long hackathon that breaks down barriers to healthcare innovation. ArthritisHack will bring together healthcare professionals, IT professionals, designers, policy analysts, entrepreneurs, and most importantly – PEOPLE WITH ARTHRITIS to collaborate, dream up and produce solutions to empower people living with Arthritis in all aspects of care and life.

At ArthritisHack, you will build prototypes for your ideas, so that they can be tested to potentially transform healthcare. We are excited to have The Arthritis Society consider your successful projects for pilot opportunities. Other projects will move on to become viable startups — and that’s how together we can create impact!

There are 100 spots open for the hackathon. To participate, please go to the Eventbrite page to apply to register. Only participants confirmed through Eventbrite will be allowed to participate.

Got questions? Shoot us an email: [masked]

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Hacking Health is a global movement designed to improve healthcare by inviting technology creators and healthcare professionals to collaborate on realistic, human-centric solutions to front-line problems. See our previous Hacking Health Hackathon success stories. Hacking Health Toronto is powered by an incredible group of volunteers and sponsors. We'd love to have YOU join us! For volunteer or sponsorship opportunities, please email [masked]. 

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