Blog topics that make people look forward to what you have to say
Do you want to build an audience for your ideas, through your blog? Do you struggle to find topics that will make your blog a must-read for the people you want to reach?  
In this session, you’ll learn how to find topics for your blog — ideas that also work for articles you publish, speeches you give, and videos you broadcast. One of the biggest success factors in thought leadership content is to focus not so much on what you want to say, but what your ideal reader wants to know about — the news, trends, risks, opportunities and other developments that affect them.
In this session, experienced journalist and blogger Carl Friesen will talk about how you can:
  • Increase the chances that your blog will get discovered by the people you want to reach, by writing about “narrowcast news” they can’t find anywhere else
  • Create content that answers your ideal reader’s burning questions, so they’ll want to forward your blog to their friends and colleagues
  • Why you need to focus your blog on themes that motivate; either “fear” — problems your readers must avoid — or “greed,” about opportunities they’ll want to access
There will be plenty of opportunity for you to apply these ideas to your own work, and to learn and be inspired by the ideas you’ll hear from others in the group. By the end of the session, you’ll have the start of a plan for designing blog posts that will get noticed by the people you most want to reach.
Carl Friesen is Principal of Thought Leadership Resources, and has already delivered two well-received workshops to Women on the Move, on success with LinkedIn. See .
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