Presenters: Chloe Doesburg and Dan Pronovost

Driftscape is an app that transforms your city into a living museum. You can learn about where you are, on your own schedule, from diverse local experts. Our presentation will discuss the Driftscape platform which enables local organizations to share site-specific arts, culture and history content. We believe that creating a platform where diverse stories can be shared will inspire a greater understanding of the spaces we inhabit and the people we share them with.

Hosts: Gardiner Roberts


Our weekly civic tech hacknights bring together designers, coders, urban planners, government staff, mappers, policy-makers, students, communications strategists, and all other Torontonians who share an interest in making Toronto more responsive, prosperous, sustainable and equitable, through design, tech, and data. (Coders are welcome, but you don’t have to be a coder to contribute!) Come and be part of it!


6:30-7:00: Welcome and intros 
7:00-7:30: Presentation and Q&A/discussion 
7:30-9:00: Breakout groups (make something!)

Venue is not fully accessible. There is an elevator from the second floor (open the door to your right on the landing). There are stairs from the street into building and then up to the second floor. For more info, visit Here's our Code of Conduct:

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