Presenters: Gabriel Eidelman (@GabrielEidelman) and Bianca Wylie (@biancawylie)

This week’s presentation will be about the City Hall Task Force:

“By many accounts, Toronto City Council is a mess. Council meetings go on for days, filled with obscure agenda items that would never reach the floor in other cities. Complex policies and plans are amended on the fly with little or no consideration, research, or debate. Such dysfunction has real impacts on how our city is governed. It increases indecision. It creates unnecessary delays. It demoralizes public servants and discourages civic engagement.

With this in mind, the School of Public Policy and Governance has assembled a City Hall Task Force, comprised of distinguished politicians, public servants, academics, journalists, and citizen advocates, to make recommendations to improve the quality of deliberation and decision making at Toronto City Hall.”


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6:30-7: Welcome and intros 
7-7:30: Presentation and Q&A/discussion 
7:30-9: Breakout groups (make something!)

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