CoderDojo introduces young people to the joy of computing in fun learning environments. We aim to break down barriers to access to computer literacy through working with community organizations, challenging social and economic stereotypes, and empowering youth to shape their world through code.

  • Kids coding drop-in lab, ages 8 – 17 only
  • Bring Your Own Laptop or Android Device
  • All skill levels welcome¬†
  • Bring your own ideas or use our kid friendly resources
  • Adult accompaniment required at all times
  • Bring a snack, but remember that we are a Peanut-Free environment

As always, CoderDojo is free to attend. Please consider supporting our work to bring computing skills to kids across the GTA and beyond by donating generously.

We’re always improving and expanding our curriculum offerings, be sure to try out our new JavaScript tutorials and get a start learning to program for the web! If you would like to help us decide which areas to pursue in future curriculum, you can help by filling out this 8-question survey. We have also launched our Spring Fundraiser! You can help us keep CoderDojo fun and free for all by visiting our GoFundMe page.

When you arrive, let a CoderDojo event organizer or mentor know if it’s your first event. Grab a name tag and we can help you set up your computer and get you started with a learning resource that fits your skill-level and interests. If you are already familiar with programming and would like to bring your own project or idea to work on, we would love to help. If you get stuck or need help, one of our mentors are always there to help, raise a hand or use one of our question clothespins to let us know. For more info, on our learning resources please visit:

Mentoring is an awesome way to give back to your community and deepen your knowledge of programming. Mentors provide help to one or more learners within the dojo space, answering questions or providing guidance. Learners come with a wide range of skill-levels, excited to work on any project they choose, so be ready for a dynamic and exciting environment. Any depth or area of programming knowledge is welcomed, though it may help to familiarize yourself with the Scratch programming language: (

It can also be helpful to have a look at some of our resources If you would like more information, or would like to join our Slack team, please let us know at [email protected]

See you at the Dojo!
email: [email protected]

*CoderDojoTo is held at Bitmaker, a code academy for adults. It is located up a small flight of stairs. Wheelchair access is unfortunately not available at this time.

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