DemocracyXChange is about the ingenious, yet practical ways we mobilize for change, the campaign skills we need to hone, and the tools and techniques individuals and organizations build to connect and make change happen.

This summit is comprised of a full day of keynote speakers, lightning talks and super-panels; a civic campaign and technology XChange designed to engage and connect participants through pitch presentations; an exhibitor marketplace that spans a Waterfront Toronto pop-up public consultation booth about Sidewalk Labs to CFC Media Lab’s virtual reality (VR) activations for social good; and a DemocracyKit workshop teaser to whet people’s appetites for the upcoming municipal election in 2018. 

Full schedule can be downloaded here.

WHO:  More than 25 speakers, including three keynote speakers:  

  • Chenjerai Kumanyika, Journalist, Artist, Researcher, Assistant Professor at Rutgers University, and Creator of Uncivil Podcast on Gimlet Media
    – Citizen Participation in the Digital Age
  • Tanya Selvaratnam, Award-winning Producer, Writer, Actor, Activist, and Co-founder of The Federation with Laurie Anderson
    -– Keeping Cultural Borders Open
  • Micah Sifry, Former Editor & Writer for The Nation, Author of The Big Disconnect: Why the Internet Hasn’t Transformed Politics (Yet) and more, and Co-founder and Executive Director of Personal Democracy Media and Civic Hall
    -– What Is To Be Done?


  • “There’s never been a more important time for DemocracyXChange. We need to come together to demonstrate that democracy can make positive change in our communities, and that politics is a practice that is open to all.”  – Karim Bardeesy, Co-Chair, DemocracyXChange 
  • “With DemocracyXChange we are working to bring together a community of engaged individuals, young and old, who are cross-partisan, politics-positive, and discourse-driven. We hope that DemocracyXChange will catalyze explicit change in our communities by sharing techniques, tools, and best practices from civic campaigns around the world and with each other.”  – Ana Serrano, Co-Chair, DemocracyXChange and Board Member, Open Democracy Project
  • Topics include:
    • Civic Engagement by All Means
    • Communities, Our Rights and the Law
    • Reimagining Government through Civic Technology
    • Design Thinking Isn’t Just for Elites
    • Our Cities, Their Tech, Whose Future?
    • Reconciliation in the 21st Century

*FOUNDATION PARTNERS: Laidlaw Foundation, Samara, Atkinson Foundation, Metcalf Foundation, TAG Foundation, Toronto Arts Foundation and McConnell Foundation

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