Powering a new wave of technology, AI is quickly disrupting a variety of industries, meaning that a future of driverless cars, predictive technology and new ways to fight global epidemics might not be too far away.

Canada has a leading role to play in this revolution, on a global scale. Breakthroughs such as deep learning and reinforcement learning, which are currently fuelling the AI engine, came to life at Canadian universities. Top talent is moving into Canada’s cities. Academics like Geoffrey Hinton and Yoshua Bengio are a driving force behind much of the research in this field.

Join us September 13 to learn more about what all of this could mean for Canada – and the world. Hear about what universities, institutions, startups and enterprises need to do to create the world’s best AI ecosystem, learn how enterprises can transition to the new marketplace and explore how we can nurture and retain the talent required to build it.

Produced by MaRS,  the Vector Institute, CDL, Element AI, and Faktory Ventures, Elevate AI will demonstrate the undeniable impact that artificial intelligence will have on humanity.

Topics Include

  • The untold story of Canada’s role in building global AI

  • Using AI to solve global problems

  • Building the AI ecosystem in Canada

  • How to incorporate AI into your business

  • Talent: The currency of AI

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