The notion of work is being transformed at a pace — and on a scale — never seen before. Business models are transforming overnight, the nature of work is evolving and exponential technologies are disrupting workflows, as well as skill requirements across all aspects of a business.

At the same time, workers themselves are undergoing unprecedented change, sparking foundational adjustments in how skills are acquired, the relationships and expectations between workers and workplaces, and the type of tools they want to use to perform their work.

Never has people-centric data been more important for employers to make informed decisions about their labor force in an ever-changing workplace. Never has people-centric innovations been more important for employers to attract, retain and enable their workers.

Work and Learning innovators are creating tools and providing insights that increase business performance, learning, productivity and capital growth while finding, harnessing and developing talent.

Presented by MaRS & D2L, Elevate Work leads the conversation in Toronto with prominent entrepreneurs, technology commercialization experts, and businesses, around advances in workplace technologies, the changing nature of work, and what this means for both the workforce of today, and the future.

Topics Include:

  • The Future of the Workforce

  • The Consumerization of the Workplace

  • AI, Data and the Workforce: Using Data for your People

  • Talent Acquisition Reimagined

  • Work Disrupted

  • The Learning Workforce

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