Never have design thinking, design practice and creative skills been as important to Canada’s future as they are now. Today, competitive success is determined by the ability to understand human needs and desires and to deliver richly imagined ways of addressing them. Many organizations recognize the importance of innovation, but they don’t know how to achieve it. The answer is design.


Produced by OCAD & Artscape Launchpad, Elevate Design will lead a conversation about the importance and the breadth of design thinking in Canada, how design allows companies to stay ahead of their customers and how new tech is disrupting design. We’ll also cover the globalization of product design, and how Canadians look at and compete in the global marketplace.

Topics Include:

  • Disruption! How Design Helps us Think Forward

  • Next Tech and Design

  • Designing the Toronto of the Future: Smart, Beautiful, Resilient

  • Going Global

  • Design transformations and global competitiveness

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