FinTech and Blockchain are evolving at an astonishing rate and drastically reshaping the Canadian economy. According to PitchBook, venture capital financing in Canadian FinTech in 2016 reached $137.7M in 2016, up more than 35% on the year. Five years ago, it was $21.8M. Innovation and disruption in the financial services space have never been more prevalent, creating profound opportunity for the reinvigoration and reinvention of the financial services industry.

Technologies such as blockchain that promote decentralization, disintermediation, and digitization are not only disrupting the financial sector but are also being described by some experts as the new industrial revolution. What was once deemed impossible is becoming the reality.

Join OneEleven for Blockchain, FinTech and the New Canadian Industrial Revolution, where a panel of experts in FinTech and Blockchain will provide a deep discussion around the emerging financial services innovation in Canada.

Topics Include:

  • How FinTech companies are collaborating with personal financial services and financial institutions

  • The current and future vision of the Blockchain in Canada

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