Driven by Digital – The Evolution of Healthcare

The momentum towards a digital future is gathering speed, and the healthcare industry is in the midst of revolutionary change.  We are witnessing an unmatched era of digitally driven innovation in healthcare that will boost efficiency, slash costs, and improve clinical outcomes.

Today’s convergence of mobile, social, biometrics, genomics, AI and blockchain has proven the utility of digital health and driven revolutionary changes in healthcare delivery.  In this new era of ubiquitous connectivity and access to data, patients are transitioning from passive healthcare recipients to active value-seeking consumers. 

Join us to talk about the limitless horizons of health and medicine, featuring disruptive thinkers and game changing technologies. Produced by MaRS Discovery District, Elevate Health will explore the intersection of healthcare, innovation, and the patient. We’ll demonstrate how technology is enabling the possible – from computer guided surgery to precision medicine to accelerating drug development.

Topics Include:

  • The future of health and healthcare delivery

  • Major technology and system enablers revolutionizing healthcare

  • The intersection of the health system, disruptive innovation, and the engaged patient

  • The challenges and opportunities of healthcare delivery in an urban hub

  • Driving real implementation and adoption of health innovations

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