> Goal

ExploreTech Toronto is about exploring and celebrating diversity in the tech industry – in the technology we use, the roles and people. You will get a chance to hear from a variety of speakers who are working on interesting technical projects. We will feature speakers in different roles from Project Owners, designers to backend, devops & IT.

Creating speaking opportunities for new speakers in Toronto’s technology community and to help achieve true gender balance within our local tech leadership. Our events will showcase at least 50% female speakers.

> Speakers

Highly experienced devs/POs/designers in tech willing to share their expertise & experiences through 15-20 minute presentations.

Come join us for some food, drinks, mingling & listen to some interesting talks!

  • Namrata Bandekar
  • Pete Smaluck

Namrata Bandekar will be presenting on Making apps smarter with machine learning
Features like face detection, OCR and speech recognition have become a lot easier to implement in mobile apps with recent developments in open source machine learning platforms. The ever-increasing processing power on modern mobile devices has made it possible to run these algorithms locally. She will talk about how you can integrate these machine learning libraries in to your apps.

Pete Smaluck will be speaking on The API relationship through the lens of a Frontend dev.
“The extent to which two people in a relationship can bring up and resolve issues is a critical marker of the soundness of a relationship.” ― Henry Cloud
Let’s consider the backend-frontend relationship with respect to building internal APIs. As frontend and backend development have become increasingly specialized, Pete will examine API usage and functionality from both sides (but mainly from a frontend perspective). No more bottling up our emotions – let’s face our API pain points head on, and discuss paths to resolution.

> Schedule

6.30 pm – Doors open & grab drinks/food 
6.45 pm – First talk starts 
7.15 pm – First talk ends – time to mingle
7.30 pm – Second talk begins  
8.00 pm – Talks end 
8.30 pm – Doors close

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