Leyla Aravopoulos and Alex Cendecki from Amazon will tell us about leading large scale software development. From building a business case, working backward from customer, to UX, architecture design, and implementation…they will take us through the process with examples.

Hannele Kormano from FreshBooks with speak on her experience as a developer transitioning from web to IOS.


ExploreTech Toronto is about exploring and celebrating diversity in the tech industry – in the technology we use, the roles and people. You will get a chance to hear from a variety of speakers who are working on interesting technical projects. We will feature speakers in different roles from Project Owners, designers to backend, devops & IT.

Creating speaking opportunities for new speakers in Toronto’s technology community and to help achieve true gender balance within our local tech leadership. Our events will showcase at least 50% female speakers.

> Speakers

Highly experienced devs/POs/designers in tech willing to share their expertise & experiences through 15-20 minute presentations.

Come join us for some food, drinks, mingling & listen to some interesting talks!

  • Leyla Aravopoulos and Alex Cendecki
  • Hannele Kormano

> Schedule

6.30 pm – Doors open & grab drinks/food 
6.45 pm – First talk starts 
7.15 pm – First talk ends – time to mingle
7.30 pm – Second talk begins  
8.00 pm – Talks end 
8.30 pm – Doors close

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