Join Food Starter, and the Food Commercialization Program participants, in this Food Regulations for Growing Companies session led by Conestoga College’s Rhonda Gerrits 

This course will cover the evolution of HACCP and the proposed rules of FSMA and Safe Foods for Canadians that will require HACCP plans for all food processors. A review of the pre-requisite programs will illustrate to attendees how an effective food safety program allows them to limit the critical control points of their systems. The importance of an effective traceability program as part of the HACCP plan will be discussed in depth with emphasis on sufficient documentation to trace product back to sourced ingredients and forward to the customer.

Course outcomes: 

  • Explain what HACCP is
  • Understand the importance of Pre Requisite Programs and Senior Management Commitment
  • Identify the GFSI schemes that go beyond HACCP
  • Name the levels of Recall in Canada
  • Recognize the minimum amount of documentation to maintain traceability
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