You have completed a Future Design School introduction to design thinking workshop, and you’re ready to start implementing innovation tools in your classroom. But, you have questions about how to align your lessons to curriculum.

In this three-week online course, you will learn how design thinking not only fits into the Ontario curriculum, but also brings to life key skills and understandings for students that teachers can foster when creating innovative lessons.

This workshop will include:

  • Instructional strategies for integrating design thinking with curriculum expectations

  • Backwards planning for design thinking

  • How to design an innovation project for students within any subject at any grade level

  • Developing “How Might We” questions that are fuelled by student curiosity and interest, but guided by curriculum expectations

Teachers will walk away with:

  • A tool to create design projects connected to curriculum, employing design thinking, that they can try out in their classroom.

We will meet online via video-conference on Tuesday, March 21st, Tuesday, March 28th and Tuesday, April 4th from 8 pm-9 pm EST. In between sessions, you will work on designing a project for your students and collaborate with other participants. 

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