Learn why coding is the future no matter what industry you work in.

Every industry today from Anthropology to Zoology is data driven. This workshop will cover the impact of computer science on social & emotional learning, communication while working, everyday connections, work which has social impact, how your kid will interact with the world 20 years from now and how you increase your ability to make intelligent decisions through computational thinking. Led by Hatch’s Founder Peter Kuperman.

Why 2 hours?

Every workshop runs for 2 hours, but only the first hour and a half is dedicated to actual instructional time.

For the last half hour, we are going to be setting aside time for general networking, Q+A and community building! 

What do I need to bring?

Just your enthusiastic selves! 

We may be using computers in this workshop. If you would prefer to use your own, please feel free to bring in your own laptop, but we have a number of Chromebooks available for use in our center that you can use free of charge!

What is Hatch Again?

Hatch Again is Hatch Canada’s newest addition to its program line! This is our first time offering workshops designed exclusively for adults! These series of workshops are designed to inspire, motivate, and educate adults interested in tech. Ask us about our upcoming events or subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out!

What is Hatch?

Hatch Canada is a company that is normally dedicated to teaching kids how to code by providing fun and innovative classes that utilize a self-paced and mastery-based learning philosophy. Hatch believes kids learn best while having fun and that anyone can learn how to code!

Please note that any event with less than 4 registrations may be canceled with purchases refunded.

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