What is Teens Learning Code? 

Part of the Ladies Learning Code family, Teens Learning Code offers highschool girls ages 13 to 17 years old with the opportunity to learn beginner-friendly technical skills in a social and collaborative way. We’re all about showing people that learning to code can be fun!

Have you already taken our Introduction to HTML and CSS workshop?

Looking to expand your web-development skills? Wonder what all this CSS3 stuff is about? CSS is a powerful language used to create layout and design for web pages. Without CSS, the web would not be as pretty!

It’s easy to learn, and was designed so that everyone – even non-programmers – can do it. No fancy programs are needed, just Notepad and a web browser. This workshop is designed to be a hands-on experience.  

In this workshop, we’ll dive deeper into the fundamentals of CSS (syntax, rules, floats & positioning) and learn how to use advanced techniques such as sibling and pseudo selectors. We’ll also go over how to truly unlock the power of CSS by learning to create reusable and efficient CSS and the importance of refactoring (and what it is) to create organized and maintainable CSS.  To give your web pages that extra flair, we’ll also cover topics such as how to add custom fonts, icons fonts and CSS3 animations.

What will you learn?

In this workshop, you will be applying your new found CSS knowledge into creating a beautiful HTML resume.  You’ll also learn how to incorporate techniques for creating maintainable CSS to make it easier to keep your resume updated and looking polished.


You must own or have access to a laptop with wi-fi for which you have administrative permissions. Workshops are taught in English. Please be sure to bring your powercord.

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