This interactive workshop introduces all of the main concepts required to have a good foundational understanding of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. You will learn about the Blockchain market dynamics including important cryptocurrency concepts. You will use the bitcoin cryptocurrency (BTC) to illustrate how you can use cryptocurrencies. The key characteristics of cryptocurrencies are compared to that of money and financial systems. A hands-on demonstration is provided through the set-up of a Cryptocurrency wallet and conducting transactions on an exchange. You will learn about other popular cryptocurrencies and tokens such as Ether, Litecoin etc. and emerging areas of interest in Cryptocurrencies and ICO.


Open to anyone who is interested in learning about Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies including business and technology professionals. This course does not have a pre-requisite and assumes no technical experience and little to no familiarity with Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

Technical Knowledge: None

Pre-requisite: None

Interactive Workshop Content

  • 9:00 AM Introductions
  • 9:15 AM Module I:
    • What is Blockchain?
    • The Potential of Blockchain
    • Global Interest in Blockchain vs Other Popular Technologies and Trends
    • Investment in Blockchain
    • New Revenue Streams
    • Blockchain Impacts
    • What is Disruption?
    • Disruptive Market Trends, Disruptive Technologies and Disruptive Business Models
    • How Does Disruptive Change Impact Organizations?
    • Business Impacts
    • People Impacts
    • Technology Impacts
    • What Can an Organization Do to Embrace Disruptive Trends Through Transformation?
    • Examples
  • 10:15 AM Module II: Introduction to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
    • Yap Stone Money – Rai
    • Bitcoin White Paper
    • What is Bitcoin
    • Bitcoin, the Protocol
    • Bitcoin (“BTC”), the Currency
    • Gold Vs Fiat Currency Vs Cryptocurrency
    • Altcoins and Metacoin Concept
  • 11:00 AM Networking Break
  • 11:15 AM Module III: Blockchain Concepts
    • What is Blockchain?
    • How Blockchain Works
    • Characteristics of Blockchains
    • Top Things You Need to Know about Blockchain
  • 12:00 PM Value Transfer Using Bitcoin
    • Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
    • What is a Blockchain Wallet
    • Setup Bitcoin Wallet
    • Bitcoin Wallet Transaction
  • 12:45 PM Assignment Discussion
    • Research on how Blockchain is disrupting, or has the potential to disrupt the industry you work in. Prepare one use case or case study and in no more than 500 words explain the situation, problem and how Blockchain helps to solve it.
  • 1:00 PM Summary Game & Closing Remarks
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