January is the month to get excited about the rest of the year and this month’s Tech Talk Night will certainly get the job done! We have two fantastic speakers giving two fantastic talks. This isn’t a Tech Talk Night that you’ll want to miss!

We’d like to thank StrongLoop for sponsoring the event. More info to come.

6:00 pm – Doors open. Grab something to eat and network with attendees.

6:30 pm – Opening announcements. New and information about the Toronto JavaScript community and upcoming events.

6:45 pm – A Tour of ElmJames MacAulay
This talk will give you an introductory tour of Elm, a “delightful language for reliable webapps” that just might make you fall in love with programming all over again. Have you ever been frustrated by “undefined is not a function”? Intimidated by the idea of refactoring a complex module? Left wondering why that dependency update broke your app? If any of this sounds familiar, Elm will be a breath of fresh air. Come see what all the fuss is about!

About James
James MacAulay develops software for work and for fun, and recently left Shopify after almost ten years there to take a break and focus on personal development. He has been playing with Elm in his spare time for a few years now, and is trying to help grow the Toronto Elm community to share the joy.

7:15 pm – Quick Q&A for James

7:45 pm – Supporting 6 platforms from 1 codebaseTasveer Singh
It’s been a dream for a long time to support multiple platforms from one codebase. Lots of technologies have tried to abstract away differences in user experience in order to unify software development, with varying degrees of success. Taz has recently uncovered what he believes to be the holy grail of multi platform app development by using modern tools such as React and Webpack to build apps for the web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, and Android. He will share his experiences and lessons learnt tackling this from one codebase.

About Taz
Taz is a software architect with 15 years of experience in various aspects of computing and an organizer of Toronto JavaScript. He is more recently known for his work in the React and Elixir ecosystems. When he’s not tinkering with a computer, he can be found with his car at the local race track or rock climbing gym.

8:15 pm – Quick Q&A for Taz

8:30 pm – Goodbyes, give us a hand cleaning up the space, and post-event drinks at a local pub!

Note that the schedule is subject to change and accommodates 10-15 minute breaks between sessions.

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