What is this?

A panel discussion hosted by the women who help make up the tech teams at Hubba.


The women on our tech team at Hubba come from all different paths. Some have a computer science degree, a few have taken bootcamps, and one is even self taught. We are a principal engineer, a bootcamp instructor, juniors, intermediates, and one of the best product managers of all time.

Combined we have so much knowledge and experience, and we really want to be able to share that with our community.

The purpose of this panel is to ask questions. Whether you are looking to get into a technical role, build a more diverse team, figure out your next steps. We may not have all the answers, but we will definitely give you all we’ve got.

Should I come?

This talk is for anyone! The focus will be on how to get started in the industry, and what paths you can take. But there will be time for lots of different questions.

Who will be on the panel?

Abby Greenbloom – Bootcamp grad turned instructor, Abby makes up 50% of the Discovery front-end team at Hubba. She knows the ins and outs of coding bootcamps, and how to make it out alive!

Allisha Ali – Being a self-taught developer, Allisha is one of the hardest working developers we know. Working on our front-end Endeavour team she’s always teaching herself something new, and having a little one at home has made her an expert in work/life balance!

Charmaine Abalajon – Starting in sales, opts, and analytics Charmaine finally found her niche as a product manager. She keeps the order and priorities straight in all the chaos that comes with working for a startup.

Leah Spontaneo – Our newest principal engineer, Leah came to Hubba after spending time in the game industry. She holds a Master’s of Computer Science in Bioinformatics and can shed light on what it takes to unlock that achievement.

Leigha Mitchell – Self proclaimed padawan, Leigha is part of the platform team at Hubba. Having done a coding bootcamp herself, she is passionate about mentoring and teaching others to code.

I have a question!

Feel free to send an email to [email protected], she can help!

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