The health and wellness space is growing rapidly with the help of technology. The ability to live healthier, happier lives – from monitoring the quality of the air we breathe to seeking help with a mental health crisis – is within reach because of the proliferation of mobile devices, data and sensors all around us.

This month, we’re bringing you two of Toronto’s coolest woman-led startups in the health and wellness space to ask: how can we live better in our connected world?


6:30 PM – Doors open, networking & food (veggie & vegan options available)

7:00 PM-8:30 PM – Talks

8:30 PM-9 PM – Networking & wrap-up

Introducing this month’s speakers:

Chakameh Shafii – Co-Founder & CEO, TranQool

Chakameh is the Co-founder and CEO of TranQool, an online platform designed for people living with mental distress. She’s an engineering graduate from University of Toronto who founded the Women In Science & Engineering (WISE) national conference in 2013. It was Chakameh’s personal struggles with anxiety that triggered the idea for TranQool. She was inspired to build a solution after hearing from others and experiencing first-hand the challenges of access to mental health resources. Before launching TranQool Chakameh worked at a fortune 500 company in a leadership program.

Nisha Sarveswaran –  CEO, Ambience Data

Currently CEO of Ambience Data, Nisha is an entrepreneur and engineer with over 10 years of engineering experience in a wide range of fields including Aviation, Nuclear and Simulation.  As an Aerospace Engineer she has a proven ability to develop complex project solutions in data analysis, optimization and hardware/software systems integration.

She has extensive experience in service delivery, business development, strategy, operations and software development. She previously worked for Atomic Energy of Canada and Atlantis Systems. At Ambience Data, her responsibilities include overseeing the company’s overall strategic development, direction, planning and execution. She is directly involved in the development of the real-time software monitoring platform and the development of the advanced air quality sensor systems.

Here’s other SYPA (Stuff You’ll Probably Ask):

You: What time do the presentations start?

Us: Doors open at 6:30 pm and we begin the talks at 7:00 pm sharp. Before and after the talks, there are opportunities for conversations, and the enjoyment of refreshments and a light dinner.

You: Dinner, you say?

Us: Yes! Your $10 ticket includes food and refreshments. Veggie and vegan options will be available.

You: Are guys allowed to come?

Us: Yes. We have many great guys in our community who love our talks, but our focus is creating a friendly, welcoming environment for women in technology where they’re not only one of two/a handful of ladies in the room (which is all too often the case at tech Meetups).

You: Why the $10 fee?

Us: All fees collected go directly to bringing you a top tier experience with notable speakers each month. Some months we get help with sponsorship and others months we do not, so the small fee balances out over the year and ensures that the events can continue to grow. Food and refreshments are provided each month and vary based on the venue. Your $10 directly goes towards covering the costs of food, drinks, hosting of our web spaces and other costs incurred to run events. We are a non-profit group run by volunteer organizers and we do not make money through this group.

You: Are you taking pictures at the event?

Us: Please note that we may take photographs or videos of the event, including attendees, individually or in groups. These photos or videos may appear in future publications, on our website, social media channels, or other promotions. By participating in the event, attendees consent to have their photograph taken or for any video to be recorded and subsequently shown.

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