The Joy of Designing Deep Neural Networks

Bradley Arsenault, founder and CEO of Electric Brain

Moderated by Jay Choi @torontosj


Bradley Arsenault, founder and CEO of Electric Brain, will discuss how he discovered his passion for artificial intelligence and deep-learning. He will discuss the tremendous flexibility of deep neural networks and why they are more intuitively understand as graphs rather then equations. Finally, he will discuss some practical difficulties in translating research papers into practice.


Bradley Arsenault is a long time entrepreneur and computer programmer. He first started to get involved in artificial intelligence at his last company, Sensibill Inc, where he designed and developed an AI system for understanding and structuring images of receipts. Afterwards he moved onto Electric Brain, where he develops custom AI technologies for clients using deep-learning technology.

Both audiences, those who are interested in machine intelligence / data science, and those who are practitioners of machine intelligence / data science are invited, and can both expect to learn something new.

Attendees can expect to learn what machine intelligence is, its applications, and what's going on in Toronto's data science community. Significant getting to know you time, and Q&A time is deliberately set aside.

MARS AUDITORIUM, DOWNSTAIRS, near the sad food court, use the glass doors (the unmarked wood ones are all locked).

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