Calling all health technology innovators!

Trying to sell your medical device, software or diagnostic tests to hospitals and policy makers is tough. We understand. Not only do you have to prove that your technology is safe and does what it should, you also have to show how it stacks up against current practices in effectiveness and cost, AND you have to find people who are willing to give you a chance and try out your technology. Getting this right takes a lot of time and money.

We can help.

The MaRS Excellence in Clinical Innovation and Technology Evaluation (EXCITE) program is a collaboration between a range of stakeholders in the health system that work together to help innovative health technologies get to market faster and improve patient outcomes in Ontario and around the world.

At the end of the program, companies will have a robust evidence package, called the EXCITE core evidentiary bundle, that they can use for both Health Canada licensing and reimbursement and purchasing reviews.

Getting the data is one thing, but realistically putting the technology into practice is another. EXCITE can help mitigate barriers to adoption by facilitating conversations with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and other key stakeholders on topics concerning issues of infrastructure readiness, fee code adjustments, and procurement. EXCITE does not make any gurantees regarding adoption, but by engaging the health system early on, evaluation through the EXCITE process provides improved opportunities for mutually beneficial outcomes arising from these discussions.

EXCITE is now accepting applications. Join the EXCITE team for an informational session and learn more about the program’s value to health innovators and the process. Time for Q&A included. 

Can’t make it in person? Join us online through WebEx. The link to the WebEx session will be sent via email to all Eventbrite registrants prior to the event.



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