Whether you want to start a business, or you’re already operating a business, you’re bound to come across legal questions: Do I need to incorporate? Should I trademark my name? Are contracts really that important? How do I prepare proper invoices? What should I do when leasing space for my business? With this program, we offer answers to all these legal questions and more.

By attending this seminar, you will gain a better understanding of general legal concepts as well as a strong ability to identify legal issues before they become real problems. We take the mystery out of legal issues and provide practical solutions that you can implement immediately.

What you will learn:

  • Business Structures: Choosing between incorporation, partnership, and sole proprietorship. 
  • Contracts: Identifying key terms and provisions.
  • Shareholders Agreements: What they do and why your business may need one.
  • Invoicing: What you need to include to ensure your invoices are enforceable.
  • Intellectual Property: Using copyrights, trademarks, and patents to protect your brand and information.
  • Hiring Employees and Contractors: The critical differences between employees and contractors.
  • Small Claims Litigation: Where to go to enforce your contracts when necessary.
  • Entering into a Commercial Lease: The critical terms and provisions to consider before entering a lease.
  • Legal Resources: Helpful resources to learn more about legal issues for small businesses.

Guest Speakers: Derek Hopfner and Shane Murphy from Law Scout

Derek has worked for over 6 years as a lawyer focusing on corporate law and litigation at a mid-size law firm in Edmonton, Alberta. Derek has helped numerous small businesses get launched and has advised them through their initial challenges. He received his law degree from the University of Alberta and degrees in business and philosophy from the University of Calgary.

Shane has worked as a litigation lawyer for small businesses and franchises. In the courts, Shane advocated for the rights of small business owners and came to understand the challenges of working with a lawyer while launching a business on a limited budget. He holds two law degrees from McGill University, and a master’s degree from the London School of Economics.

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