This workshop is tailored to individuals that would like become certified and start using the 3D printing resources available at NewMakeIt.  The course will consist of instruction, Q&A and a demo.  

Host: Fayaaz Dhukai of NewMakeIt

Topics include:

  • 3D printers and process

  • Types of 3D printers

  • Introduction to the technology used to 3D print

  • Considerations when choosing and desiging files for 3D printer

  • Setting up and executing basic prints

  • Summary of how to 3D print with the resources at NewMakeIt

The course is to provide certification to work with the FDM printers at NewMakeIt. 

Audience: Beginner and novice users of 3D printers, as well as anyone that requires certification on NewMakeIt 3D printing resources. 

Requirements:  Please bring your laptop to class.  Install ‘MakerBot Desktop’ and ‘Cubicreator’ before the class if possible.  

Download the software here:  

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