Spring vibes got us going musical with this month’s T3 meetup. Attention all Arduino lovers, feel free to bring your devices and breadboards. 

Valentin Coman from LiquidString will build and showcase a LED VU-meter jamming to cool tunes. This tutorial will introduce you to the basics of computer engineering, more specifically interfacing software with hardware. The software will be the code inside the Arduino which interact with input and output hardware devices. 

The input will be a microphone and the output will be LEDs. By the end of this tutorial, we build a spectrum analyzer that will dance to the music. 

A brief introduction to electricity, breadboards, resistors, LEDs, capacitors will be given to ensure best practices as well as allow new users to protect themselves and their devices. We will then explain the wiring diagram of our spectrum analyzer. Next, we will show and explain the code. Participants will have a chance to come up make some changes to the code and see real-time changes! 

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