Raising funds for your social enterprise can be a challenge. A community bond may help you bridge the gap by leveraging your network.

Grow not only your business, but your impact and community of supporters, with community bonds! Non-profit organizations are increasingly seeking innovative ways to finance social ventures – from purchasing or upgrading a building, to developing a social enterprise, or building a renewable energy project. If you’ve got a big idea that will generate excitement within your network, and a way to pay back financing over time, community bonds can be a great tool for your non-profit or co-operative organization.

In this 1 hour session you will:

  1. Learn about how a community bond works and how it can apply to your organization.
  2. Hear the stories of three different local organizations who successfully raised capital with community bonds.
  3. Meet other like-minded social enterprise and co-op owners facing similar challenges and opportunities.
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