What is TakeOver?

TakeOver is TribalScale’s inaugural Innovation Conference. 

This one-day conference will cover three main program tracks focussing on how technology is impacting Human Innovation, Industry Innovation, and Economic Innovation. There will be multiple sessions running throughout the day, including panel discussions, spotlight chats, lighting talks, and workshops.

Who will be there?

We’re bringing together business and tech leaders from all over the world to showcase how technology and innovation are reshaping our world. Here are a few speakers from our line-up:

  • Erika Balueno – Twilio.org 
  • Chaki Ng – Viacom 
  • Kirstine Stewart – Diply 
  • Lee Moser – iAngels 
  • Danielle Kayembe – Flow Global 
  • Joseph Weinberg – Paycase 
  • Jorge Monterrosa – Emirates

See more confirmed speakers here!

Our Diversity Mandate

TakeOver has set a diversity mandate, committing to equal representation of female and male speakers on stage. In addition, 5 Diversity Scholarships will be awarded to cover the cost of attendance. Click here for more details.

This is a Third Party event make sure you get your tickets here


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