‘Are you ready to Live Like a Champion?’

The Event of Champions® offers high-energy, mega-impact, real-world knowledge that is empowering, inspiring and immersive. It’s thrilling to be among the chosen with over 7 World Class Speakers and Trainers from Canada, the USA & the UK taking place over 3 days from Thursday 28th – Saturday 30th September. This event is intimate and throughout, the Event of Champions is up close and personal, where every attendee from SME’s to Fortune 500 Companies have the opportunity to speak one-on-one and learn from those who have accomplished their dreams, form possible collaborations, joint ventures and leave with knowledge that can be immediately implemented for success. 

The Event of Champions® brings together the BEST & BIGGEST names in Personal Development, Financial Education, Law, Networking, Entrepreneurship, Online Marketing, Leadership, Publishing, Sales and so much more. With over 200+ attendees including speakers and guests, this event promises to be UNFORGETTABLE with an opportunity for powerful one-on-one dialogues with the experts relevant to your success.

Ready to take your life and business to a global audience? Then it’s time to invest in YOU at the Event of Champions Canada, 28th – 30th September.

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Here Are the Event Packages Available:

Private Dinner at Hy’s Steakhouse on Thursday 28th September

  • Network and dine with an exclusive group of entrepreneurs, SME’s and Company  Directors Event of Champions Main Event on Friday 29th September – Our VIP ticket allows you to have your marketing materials in all event goody bags

Private Mastermind Session with Sharon Lechter & Camilita Nuttall on Saturday 30th September

  • This is your chance to spend real time with our World Class Speakers, gleaning and learning their success principles to implement into your business for global success! ONLY 10 Spaces Available! 

At the Event of Champions® you will get:

  • The SINGLE most important tip for massive business growth and success that will save you time and money which includes possible partnerships and networking with like-minded owners. -The relationship between Your Money, Your Business and Your Life. 
  • Learn from New York Times Best Selling Author Sharon Lechter who has done it not only once but 7 times, selling over 30 million books. She also played a pivotal role in     the multi-million-dollar Rich Dad brand and co-wrote over 15 books in the Rich Dad Series. Sharon now writes for the Napoleon Hill Foundation.
  • Learn how to create a Winning Sales Formula that can quadruple your business in 2017 – 7 Steps to 7 Figure Sales™.
  • How to protect what you have, create true residual income from your talent, get others to buy into your dream and trade your competitive advantage while creating alternative streams of income.
  • Real life examples from all the speakers on what they have done to build multi-million dollar businesses.
  • Discover the New Way of doing business that gives you maximum profit regardless of what industry you are in, what your products or services are or the economic times with the use of increased technology.
  • Discover the difference between having a clear Customer Plan v Business Plan and how that translates into profit.
  • Tips on how to build a global brand with the exit strategy in place as you create multiple streams of income.

Here are our Guests Speakers:

​Sharon Lechter: Co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, author of Think & Grow Rich for Women, over 30 Million Books sold globally, 7 New York Times Best Sellers and a Serial Entrepreneur. She is the founder of Pay Your Family first and was on the Financial Literacy Panel for both US Presidents Bush & Obama.

Camilita Nuttall – ‘Rock Star’ International Speaker, 7 Times Award Winning Corporate Sales Trainer, Executive Business Mentor, Real Estate Investor, Serial Entrepreneur & CEO & Founder of Event of Champions®.

Margaret Hachey – Managing Director of GroYourBiz, was recognised as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Private Company Directors, is currently in the Top 10 of the Top 100 Women Business Owners in Canada, is a founding member of WPO (Women Presidents Organization) in Canada and a sought-after keynote speaker.

Dave Gordon – Dave is a freelance editor, writer and PR expert. His writing has appeared in more than a hundred publications globally. He has worked in an editor capacity for six major publications, and his PR work has garnered his clients hundreds of media clippings.

Karen Tooley – The Next Chapter Expert, Master Mentor with Sharon Lechter and a Proctor Gallagher Consultant. Karen is a speaker, mentor, and real estate investor. She was recognised as the 2016 US/International Investor of the Year in Canada.

Krisha Young – Lifestyle Strategist & #sabotageslayer, founder of The Delicious Life program for women entrepreneurs, executives and CEO’s who are ready to stop running on the verge of burnout and gain the mental and physical stamina they need to up their game while creating calmer, healthier and more joyful lives.

Jennifer Beale – Jennifer has more than 15 years success finding clients and partners through networking events. Once shy, her business went from bright idea to six figures in six months – just by meeting people at live events. A multiple award-winning networker, Jennifer unleashes the greatness in professionals and entrepreneurs so they too get new clients at live events.

Shane Ram – CEO of STEP HR Consulting, Founder of Scientific Happiness, Property Investor, Founder of Don’t Settle for 7, executive coach, author and a sought after global keynote speaker. Shane works with CEOs, corporations, 6-7 Figure business owners and entrepreneurs to increase revenue, grow their businesses and live more fulfilling lives.

Don’t miss this incredible event…

  • Private Dinner at Hy’s Steakhouse on Thursday 28th September – Network and dine with an exclusive group of entrepreneurs, SME’s and Company Directors BOOK HERE https://goo.gl/2cL5EW 
  • Event of Champions Main Event on Friday 29th September – Our VIP ticket allows you to have your marketing materials in all event goody bags BOOK HERE https://goo.gl/2cL5EW
  • Private Mastermind Session with Sharon Lechter & Camilita Nuttall on Saturday 30th September – This is your chance to spend real time with our World Class Speakers, gleaning and learning their success principles to implement into your business for global success! ONLY 10 Spaces Available! BOOK HERE https://goo.gl/2cL5EW

To Your Success,

Yulia Urukova

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