There are a few basic skills that get you 80% of the way to being a great tech leader. Learn and practise the key skills that will elevate your team.

Build Trust

An effective team trusts each other. Learn how to listen and draw out what’s really happening so your team knows that they can count on you. Conduct effective one-on-one meetingswith individual team members and learn how to give feedback that changes behaviour.

Plan & Execute

Set goals that inspire and learn how to get your team improving their practice one step at a time. Guide your team in running iteration planning where you clearly organize and define the scope of work. Teach your team how to communicate progress in the daily standup. Run retrospectives where you learn from your results to get better and better.

Manage Conflict

The biggest problem in any software effort is getting the team to work together effectively. Manage disagreements and tensions on your team. Learn the key skills that will get your team moving.

Let us help you build a more productive, focused and fun team. Start hitting milestones and delivering to your users, without drama, buzzwords or wasted effort.

Who We Are

UpSpark is a team of experienced technology leaders who have built, led and coached teams at leading software companies like FreshBooks, Bitstrips and PagerDuty, among many others. We have come together to create an intense learning experience for tech team leads.

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