Understand the reality for your crucial target customer, meet their needs and drive more sales!

Your crucial target customer isn’t just a member of your target market, but a living, breathing person with wants, needs and a reality all their own.

Whether you’re serving B2B or B2C, your customer is a person who makes purchasing decisions based on their own needs and enlightened self-interest. Tuning your business to be more aligned with your target customer will drive more sales revenue. Making decisions that work for this crucial individual is the road to a deeper, more connected and loyal customer – the raving fan who will want to tell everyone about your product or service!

During this workshop, we’ll explore ways to understand your crucial target customer and learn what they value. When you know that, decisions about your business become clear and sales become so much easier!


Lisa Wylie, MBA, helps businesses create strategic change for BIG impact. As a coach and consultant, she applies her business acumen, experience leading a multimillion dollar operation and passion for unleashing potential in others to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. She’s lived through bumps and bruises to learn what works in the real, sometimes messy, business world.

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