Did you ever feel that attending a downtown event was too much of a travel commitment because you live in North Toronto or Vaughan? Are you interested in an event during business hours rather than after hours?

Well this is the WordPress meetup for you!

In order to defray the meeting costs we ask for a $5 donation to each event. This money will be used to pay for meeting space rental and/or refreshments at each event.

Please donate $5 via PayPal.


  • Introductions (max 30 min)

Take 2-3 minutes to explain who you are, what you do and where you may need help.

  • Site Review (30 min)

We will be doing a site review and provide recommendations to the site owner. If you would like to do a a site review in the future please provide your site in the comments area.

  • Business Discussion: The Business of Website Design (60 min)

Let’s talk about business development and the business of website design. Alex will share a bit of their presentation on digital transformation of business today. I encourage everyone to bring their own challenges in sales and marketing.



  • WP-TODoers – Conrad Hall (2nd Wednesday)
  • WP-TO North Edition – Alex Sirota (3rd Monday)
  • WP-TO Tips & Demos – Jacques Surveyor (3rd week – day varies)
  • WP-TODoers –Conrad Hall (4th Wednesday – Jan to Jun) Speaker Training (6 sessions only) in partnership with Toastmasters


Workshops are open opportunities to bring your laptop and questions.

  • WP-TO East – Brent Kobayashi & Andy McIlwain (2nd Saturday)
  • WP-TODoers – Conrad Hall (3rd Saturday)
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