Pitching Your Talk

You’ve picked a topic and created a great presentation. Now where do you present it?

The pitch for your talk is more than just telling people what you will share. You need to provide the host with information they can use to pitch the talk to their audience.

Mini After-Party

When the Meetup is finished, we retire to Tim Horton’s for tea, or a nearby pub. Popular vote wins the day. It’s an opportunity to relax and chat before heading home. 

Our Objectives

We have two primary objectives for WP-TODoers:

1.  Help business owners grow their business using WordPress and all the tools that connect with it.

2.  Develop local speakers for WPTO and Word Camp TO.

We enthusiastically support the WordPress model. That is, providing excellent value and content that attracts people to do business with us. If you’re wondering how to approach self-promotion at a WordPress event, please consider this quote from Zig Ziglar:

“You can have everything you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

This is NOT a leads group.

If your primary objective is to sell something, this isn’t the group for you.

Overview of WP Toronto

WP-TODoers is just one group within the WPTO community. WPTO currently has five events each month.


  • WP-TODoers – Conrad Hall (2nd Wednesday)
  • WP-TO North – Alex Sirota (3rd Monday) 
  • WP-TO Tips & Demos – Jacques Surveyor (3rd week – day varies) 
  • WP-TODoers –Conrad Hall (4th Wednesday – Jan to Jun) Speaker Training (6 sessions only) in partnership with Toastmasters


Workshops are open opportunities to bring your laptop and questions.

  • WP-TO East – Brent Kobayashi & Andy McIlwain (2nd Saturday)
  • WP-TODoers – Conrad Hall (3rd Saturday)
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