Keep the Fire Burning without Burning Out: Mental Health for Entrepreneurs and Changemakers

If you’re starting or running a business/organization, it’s no secret that stress levels can run high and it often feels there aren’t enough hours in the day. However, taking care of yourself as a priority is a key tool in the long-term success of your entrepreneurship adventures.

Join CatalystsX as we share:

  • Practical tools and strategies for keeping mentally healthy
  • How to prevent overwhelm in a world of constantly competing priorities
  • How to identify and prevent common signs of unbalanced mental health such as stress, burnout, anxiety
  • An opportunity to share experiences and strategies with others in the room
  • Resources you can explore further based on your needs

Victoria Alleyne is CEO of CatalystsX, a nonprofit which supports changemakers to not just survive but thrive. As part of this mission, she has spent years learning as she and peers juggle multiple businesses and projects and finding the best research matched with personal experiences to finding ways to thrive while pursuing an entrepreneurial life.

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