Spring/summer registration begins on March 4 in Etobicoke York, March 5 in Scarborough, March 7 in North York and March 8 in Toronto East York. Over the past year, the City has worked to improve the registration experience by increasing server capacity by 25 per cent so that more people can access the system online, introducing clearer navigation and planning tools on line, and adding customer service hours and staff to provide in-person support where required.

“City staff have worked hard over the past year to make registration a better experience for Toronto residents,” said Mayor Tory. “The improvements made to the system have made a huge difference, but now it's time to replace this outdated system entirely.”

“Our community recreation programs are among the best in Canada and are vital to Toronto families, seniors and youth,” said Councillor Pasternak. “I am pleased to see staff moving forward with plans to ensure that our registration system is more effective and user-friendly for all our residents.”

For the first time, the City will use a new procurement process, a Negotiable Request for Proposals, to replace the decades-old registration system, which is at the end of its life.

The Negotiable Request for Proposals (N-RFP) allows more flexibility for the City and potential vendors to work together to ensure the new system is flexible, modern and meets the needs of Toronto residents now and into the future.

“Over the past year, we have heard from more than 7,000 residents about what they need and expect from a modern registration system,” said Janie Romoff, General Manager of Parks, Forestry & Recreation. “We are excited to work with a vendor to create a flexible, innovative system that reflects the high-quality recreation programs we offer across the city.”

While the system replacement is ongoing, the City has committed to making improvements to the current process with each registration period.

The spring/Summer registration process offers more than 23,000 programs with space for more than 250,000 participants are available across the city.

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