DMS – eCommerce 101: What, Why, How

More consumers than ever before are turning to online shopping for greater convenience, safety and variety. In this webinar, you will learn the basic steps to set up an online store.

T1 General Small Business Tax Literacy Seminar

Presented by the Canada Revenue Agency’s Liaison Officer Service Program. The presentation is geared toward small unincorporated businesses, this seminar will help participants understand their tax obligations and provide them with the resources needed to navigate the tax system.

DMS – Social Media for Small Business

Learn the ropes of building an engaging and profitable social media presence for your business, from choosing the right social media platforms, to best practices for engagement, to growing your social media community using both organic and paid strategies.

Technology Monetizaton in Global Markets – Women Economic Empowerment

Semi-annual Women Economic Empowerment Training Workshop: Technology Monetisation in Global Markets – Intellectual Property & Trade Training Workshop.

You may have started an online business, developed a software or hardware application or other technology, and have an interest in commercializing your venture in Canada and other countries. This training workshop introduces you to the role of intellectual property and trade in taking your concept, start ups or established venture to the next level. The event includes a guest speaker session on international technology monetisation and opportunities, and a learning session that delves into relevant intellectual property and licensing basics and helpful tips.

Emotional Design Psychology (2022 Spring)

In 3-weeks, you'll learn how to apply human-centered design strategies based on the psychology and neuroscience of user emotion, cognition, and behavior.

Through a combination of modules and hands-on exercises, participants deepen their understanding of what emotions are and how they operate while building emotionally intelligent technologies and campaigns.

The modules cover essential lessons in user cognition and emotion science, with practical lessons on crafting motivating communications, handling stress, managing users' willpower, and using emotional design to boost engagement, conversions, and loyalty.

This class will teach you to translate emotional insights into digital strategy, campaigns, and creative content.

Design Psychology Complete Training (2022 Spring)

In 9-weeks, you’ll learn how to build psychology-driven websites, apps, and digital campaigns.

This training bundle includes two courses plus a 9-week LIVE Behavioral Design sprint.

  • Course 1: Applied Behavioral Design is the LIVE tutorial course where we’ll guide you through an applied behavioral science project focused on any digital project you wish to tackle.
  • Course 2: Psychology for Digital Behavior Change covers 50 behavior change principles, psychological design patterns, and the foundations of digital psychology.
  • Course 3: Emotional Design Psychology and Neuroscience covers the neuroscience of user cognition and motivation, focusing on the primary emotional systems that drive online behavior.