Looking for ways to fund your business? Interested in understanding market conditions so that you can build your customer base?  Trying to find tools and resources to help you manage your money? Join TD and the City of Toronto for a full-day session focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses get connected to financial resources to help them grow and succeed.


How to Make a Restaurant Out of Practically Nothing 

Presented By: Jen Agg, Restaurateur

In the Game of Restaurants, either you win or you close (sometimes both). Owning and operating a successful restaurant all comes down to numbers. Join the uncompromising Jen Agg as she discusses her funding models; the risks and rewards she’s experienced in creating a thriving restaurant empire; and the hard financial lessons she’s learned along the way. 

The Spirit of an Entrepreneur

Presented By: Frank O’Dea, Inspiring Entrepreneur and Humanitarian

Frank O’Dea is an iconic Canadian entrepreneur who will share his stories and lessons-learned from the many business that he launched and grew into successful, thriving enterprises. You will hear about the start-up and the source of funds that enabled him to grow the Second Cup coffee chain. How he developed a unique method to finance the growth of Proshred Security, and its fleets of specialized document destruction trucks operating internationally. Finally, you will come away inspired by his success and with insights and practical ideas you can use in your own business to overcome obstacles and to flourish.


12:45 pm

Key Reasons to Talk to Your Boring Insurance Provider

Owning your own business can be an exhilarating but challenging journey. You may need some help along the way to navigate the unexpected twists and turns. Ensuring your business has the proper insurance coverage can be a boring process, but we try to make it as fun as humanly possible. Learn about the unseen risks your business faces and why insurance coverage could be the most important investment you make.

Presented By: Michael Hill, Trushield Insurance

1:45 pm

Is Your Business Thriving In The Digital Economy?

It’s hard to ignore the potential of digital transformation. According to an IDC study, there is a clear connection between digital transformation and revenue growth. Over half of fast growing small and midsize firms are actively engaged with digital transformation. Every day, we hear stories of how a small or midsize business achieves “overnight success” by disrupting an entire industry. Uber, Skype, Spotify, Netflix, and Airbnb – how did they do it? It’s all starts with the digital transformation.  David Iudiciani, Microsoft Canada explores how digital transformation can help you future proof your business!

Presented By: David Iudiciani, Microsoft Canada


 12:45 pm

Financing Your Business for Success

Cato Pastoll will walk through the new and exciting business model of P2P lending and explain how businesses from across Canada can leverage this innovative new concept to raise fast and affordable financing. In this session, he will explain how financing can help a business grow and walk through the steps that business owners can take in order to prepare themselves to successfully get funded.

Presented By: Cato Pastoll, Lending Loop

1:45 pm

Show Me the Money! – Understanding your Start-Up Financials

Understanding the basics of Business Finance is a crucial skill for any business owner. Financial information can determine the feasibility of a company, from startup costs to pricing your product to cash flow forecasting to reading financial statements, business finance is definitely one of the hats an entrepreneur has to wear and be comfortable in.

Presented By: Jackie Csonka-Peeren, OASIS Centre des Femmes


Building a business requires various funding resources and tools to help you build and operate more efficiently. A range of partners will be on hand to share their resources so your business can start and grow.

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