In this workshop we will cover the fundamentals of cause marketing to raise the impact of your non profit.

A non-profit organization doesn’t usually market products and services, instead it markets the work it does or the cause it supports. Donors and supporters needs are often different to that of customers looking to purchase a product or service for self fulfillment. Instead of paying with cash, payment may be made through donation of money, time or service. This difference can affect the type of marketing efforts a non profit undertakes.

Using GrowthWheel decision sheets we work through these fundamentals together to create or expand the marketing strategy for your non-profit organization.

We will cover:
1. Getting clear on who your customer is
2. Planning out what your customer wants to hear from you
3. Working out where your customer wants to be found
4. Scheduling when your customer wants to be communicated to
5. Understanding why your customer wants to stay connected with you
6. Deciding how you will measure marketing success

This workshop is for anyone who has the role and/or responsibility in a non profit organization for raising awareness or gaining financial support for their organization.

Presented By:

                                               Teresa Shaver, Executive Director

Teresa joined The Business Advisory Centre Inc in 2012; – a non profit organization supporting businesses to achieve business success.  With her leadership, the organizations’ outcomes have increased by over 200%.  At BACD, Teresa is responsible for executing the strategic plan, managing operations, over 120 events and a team of 5.

Teresa has always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and has worked in over 5 start up organizations across 3 countries and moved to Canada in August 1999 to be part of a small start up in Toronto that specialized in Call Centre Staffing. After working in this industry for 7 years, she went to work for the Whitby Chamber of Commerce and spent 5 years there managing Member Services, Sponsorship and over 75 Events per year.

Teresa has also run a number of her own businesses and has been a business coach for over 10 years. In 2014, Teresa received her Registered Business Coach designation from the World Association of Business Coaches and in 2017 received her Economic Development Certificate.

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