The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenging wage and hour questions for employers. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and corresponding state wage and hour laws are not on hold during the pandemic. In addition to FLSA obligations, decisions regarding wage and hour could trigger nondiscrimination laws, health and safety laws, leave and accommodation laws, and state-specific laws. The webinar clarifies some common questions about how to handle pay for workers when they can’t physically come to work.


Attend this webinar to learn how to keep your organization compliant with the updated state wage and hour laws.


  • Closures, pay deductions and impact on pay for exempt vs non-exempt employees
  • Voluntary or mandatory telework arrangements and wage and hour obligations
  • Can you require employees to use PTO during closures?
  • Obligations toward employees under government-imposed quarantine
  • Teleworking and workers’ comp
  • Teleworking and OSHA
  • Obligations toward contingent workers (“temps”)

And much more!


In this webinar we will discuss the US Department of Labor’s recently-published guidance and other practical points related to ensuring that you meet your wage and hour obligations to your employees while the COVID-19 pandemic continues.


  • Chief executives
  • Senior Management
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Compensation Officers
  • Controllers
  • CFO’s
  • Business Owners


Years of Experience: 20+ years

Areas of Expertise: Employment Practices and Workforce Challenges

Janette Levey Frisch, founder of The EmpLAWyerologist Firm, is an employment/HR attorney with over 20 years of legal experience. Ms. Frisch is a legal wellness professional for employment practices and workforce challenges. She works with employers to craft solid employment practices wellness plans tailored to address an organization’s needs and concerns. As a consultant, she offers legal services on virtually all federal and NJ and NY state employment law issues.

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