If you're self-employed or starting a small business or side hustle, join me for an interactive training and support session where I answer all of your marketing questions!


After a 10-year corporate career followed by freelancing gigs, I share how I built a 6-figure business in 3 years while raising two young children (read: a busy, boot-strapping mom in search of work-life balance while on a money-making mission!)


In 3 hours, you will learn:

– 3 marketing must-do's BEFORE you start advertising

– 5 fast, effective and affordable ways to kickstart sales (hint: NO Facebook ads)

– 2 ‘Laws of Sales' (emotion beats reason, every time!)

– Q+A session: come prepared with YOUR marketing and sales questions!

– BONUS: every month, I choose 1 new business to feature for extra 1:1 help

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