Join us at AWE Nite TO November 2019.

Presentations and demos to be confirmed.

Pizza and beer will be served courtesy of Super Ventures!

A huge thank you to StartWell, IDEABOOST, Super Ventures,, Impossible Things, and Xesto for making this event possible.

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Details coming up.

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About the AR Companies

Details coming up.

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About our Sponsors

StartWell's Club on King Street West is a happier place to do the work that you love. As a special offering to friends of AWE Nite TO we are extending a warm invitation to join our club using the special registration link below to get 24hr access to our main campus for just $99/mo! Sign up:

IDEABOOST is a Toronto-based business accelerator and startup community for companies that are building the next generation of technology-based media and entertainment products, services, and brands. Learn more

AWE is the world’s #1 XR event series including conference and expo dates in the USA, Europe, Asia and Israel and meetup chapters worldwide. Learn more

Super Ventures: The first early stage fund for Augmented Reality. Learn more

Impossible Things: works at the convergence of mobile communications, machine learning, computer vision, game mechanics, advanced animation and drop-dead-gorgeous design to make new experiences real. Learn more

MRSV is a new tech Business Incubator and curator of new software and content focused in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Marketplace. Learn more

Xesto provides developers a machine-learning cloud based device agnostic gesture platform to recognize and record the gestures they want in their applications. Learn more

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