This workshop will focus on cease and desist letters as they relate to trademarks.

Often times clients are forced to think about trademarks when they are faced with a shocking cease and desist letter. This workshop will help entrepreneurs and creatives understand the pitfalls that can potentially lead one to receive a cease and desist letter and how best to avoid them. We will discuss how creatives can ensure their brand is truly unique as it relates to their products, how they can take steps to protects their brand and how they can use cease and desist letters to stop potential infringers.

You Will Learn

  • What does a cease and desist letter look like?
  • Why did I get one or what can necessitate the need for Cease & Desist Letters?
  • How best to avoid receiving a cease & desist letters?
  • When it may be necessary to send one to a potential infringer?
  • How to assess whether the letter has any muscle

About the Facilitator

Shadi Nasseri (Bhole IP Law) has been practicing law for over 10 years in Toronto. It was her passion for innovation and technology that initially lead her to intellectual property law, but it is sharing in the dreams of her creative and entrepreneurial clients that keeps her dedicated to this area of law. Shadi is always happy to offer my time, advice and guidance to any individual who would like to learn about using intellectual property tools to protect their creations whether via patents, industrial designs, trademarks, copyrights, licensing or other means of protection. 


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