It's July 10th 2008 and something called the App Store had just launched. The next day, the iPhone 3G was launched, changing the mobile computing scene forever. In this panel, we invite iOS veterans to discuss the events that led up to the success of the App Store, the evolution of iOS and the App Store over the past 10+ years and what the future may hold in store for this “giant screen” as Steve Jobs once described it.

*Tom George
Tom has spent a career in software product development ranging from development positions at IBM, Amdahl, & Microsoft to his app development work for numerous startups and clients like CISCO, Ganz, and the Yellow Pages Group. He is the owner of BitBlitz Apps and the creator of the Electratype App ( He is currently working on an aviation app for tracking flights with augmented reality.

*Jean-Luc David
Jean-Luc David is a Senior iOS Developer based in Toronto, Canada. He got his start in 2007 by rushing out to pick up a Mac Mini and iPod Touch after Steve Job's iconic iPhone reveal keynote. He has worked with a number of companies including Microsoft, HBO, Disney, Netflix, Yellow Pages, Surkus, Telus, and many others. His side hustle is DailyKeto, an AI-driven dieting app coming soon to the Apple AppStore.

*Satraj Bambra
Satraj has been an iOS Developer for the last 10 years. He began his career at Universe (acquired by TicketMaster). In 2014 he joined Wave Accounting and started the mobile team there. For the next 2 years that team built applications that were featured on the App Store. In 2016 him and his partner set out to build their first company; a mobile based studio called Bhouse. There they worked with various companies including Sensible, Wave, BlogTO, Scalar and Livefront. They were later acquired by TWG. In 2018 he left his role at TWG to start another mobile company; BlockEQ. This was the first mobile wallet for the Stellar protocol and within 6 months was most beloved native iOS wallet and a couple of months later was acquired by Coinsquare for $12m.

*Mark Pavlidis
Mark is the CTO and Co-Founder of Flixel. Mark leads the development of the tools for magical visual storytelling. Prior to Flixel, he developed over 30 apps for the App Store including one of the first e-book readers and personal safety systems. Before becoming a cliché and dropping out of a Ph.D. in Software Engineering, Mark’s research work was focused on symbolic timing analysis of safety-critical systems. His work helped to reverse engineer nuclear reactor controller for a local power plant. Mark holds a B.Eng.Mgt. and M.A.Sc. in Software Engineering from McMaster University.

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