As we approach the other side of the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to understand how we can prepare for a future where rapid changes and shocks may continue with greater frequency. What lessons have we learned over the past two years? What will we choose to bring with us into the future?

As always, DX3 Canada remains committed to cutting-edge thought leadership at the nexus of retail, marketing and technology. At DX3 2022, from March 8-9th, we will explore what the transformative retail and marketing sectors will look like in a more resilient, innovative and technologically-driven world. How will retail keep up with changing consumer preferences and expectations? How can marketing professionals overcome industry challenges and changes? How will technology help improve connections while enhancing experiences?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more at DX3 Canada 2022!

Why attend?

DX3 2022 speaking faculty will give you industry insights on key focused areas; Retail, Marketing, and Technology.

They will share their challenges and opportunities on how to build a brand and be relevant in this competitive environment. Explore trending and futuristic technology leaders and solution providers through the virtual exhibition.

We urge you to take in as much as you can from our latest season. This is what you can expect at DX3 2022: Content, more streamlined and structured around three streams of content, based on the Retail Summit and Marketing & Innovation Summit, with over 200 industry thought leaders and experts.

Join us in spring. See you at DX3 2022.

DAY 1: 09:55 – 15:15

DAY 2: 09:55 – 14:45