Elevate is best known as Canada’s leading tech and innovation festival which has an annual gathering that attracts the brightest people shaping the world in the innovation and tech space. This festival will be hosted in the heart of Toronto from September 20-26, 2019, and will feature world-class speakers, interactive experiences & highly anticipated socials.

They invite a worldwide audience to collaborate with Canada’s thriving innovation ecosystem, and this year plan on attracting over 20,000 leaders from the global technology community. By learning the skills necessary for tomorrow’s work, stimulating the creative voice inside everyone, and inspiring the best ideas to rise to the surface, Elevate promises to be the most impactful week for attendees

We would like to invite you to join us to learn more about Elevate, how we can work with you and your networks globally to promote this event and to encourage company participation from your respective countries to Toronto this September!

For further details contact: Susana Vaz at Susana.Vaz@toronto.ca

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