A FREE introduction to the Go programming language!

Go, short for Golang, is an open source programming language that was launched by Google. It's known as an accessible language for building simple, reliable, and efficient software. Continued updates by the team at Google paired with adoption from companies such as Dropbox, SoundCloud, Netflix, and Twitch – make Go a promising programming language to learn.

Join us for a free, one-night only Go workshop presented by Kelvin Li! Kelvin is a Software Developer at CrowdRiff, and a graduate of our full-time Web Development Immersive Bootcamp.

What You’ll Learn: You will learn the syntax of Go by building an HTTP status checker! We will use common datatypes, create functions, pointers and wrangling concurrency to determine the uptime of all your favourite websites.

Who Should Come: Anyone with foundational programming experience (with any language!) that wants to know what Go is about. 

What You Need to Bring: Make sure to bring your own laptop, as well as a refillable water bottle.

Getting in the building
We are located at 485 Queen St. West, 3rd floor. Our entrance is one door east of Cacao 70. You will find our signs on the windows outside the building entrance. Dial ‘2' on the intercom and let us know you’re here for the workshop. From there you can take the stairs to the third floor.
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We strive to keep HackerYou an inclusive, safe environment for all that enter our space. We expect our guests to do the same!

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