This Growth Hacking Crash Course gives you the latest tools, resources, and ideas of the best growth hackers.  Come prepared to learn and work through the concepts, tricks, and tools you need to make you a growth hacker.

Led by Toronto's Entrepreneur Mentor The Startup Coach the  Growth Hacking Crash Course covers

  • What is Growth Hacking

  • The Science of Growth Hacking

  • The Lean Marketing Funnel

  • Pirate Metrics

  • Notable Growth Hacks

  • Identifying the bottleneck

  • Growth Hacking Experiments

  • How To Run a Growth Hacking experiment

  • Mobile Growth Hacking

  • Growth Hacking Resources

  • Over 100 – White Hat / Grey Hat / Black Hat Growth Hacking tricks


Before product/market fit:

  • Hacking your mindset

  • getting your first customers

  • Sure about Product-Market fit



• Leveraging Competitors

• Getting emails and followers of your competition

• Finding journalists Hacking the Press 

• Hack Product Hunt 

• Copy Writing Copy that converts 

• cold emails rules 

• Storytelling formulas 

• hack persuasive copywriting



• Real Key Word Strategies 

• SEO White Hat 

• Early Stage Growth Hacks 

• How to get 200k users a month from long tail keywords 

• spying on the competition 

• and more


Retention strategies:

• Auto Pilot social media

• retention emails

• social content

• and more

This is one of 3 Crash Courses developed by The Startup Coach

SEO Crash Course

Growth Hacking Crash Course

Social Media Crash Course


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