Open House @ Bitmaker General Assembly: UX & Product Design

During this open house, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of our students’ journeys to become UX designers. The night will consist of an opportunity to chat with our Admissions team, a program alumni, a course instructor, and the career coach. 

This is a great way to:

  • Get to know a UX & Product Design instructor. They'll share their insights on our curriculum, teaching philosophy, and in-class mentorship

  • Understand the admissions process, including what we look for in students and what can influence student success

  • Learn about the day-in-the-life at Bitmaker from a recent graduate, as well as how their first UX design job is going

  • Meet our Career Coach, Alyx, who will explain how she supports your career search during and after the program to help you get your first web developer role after graduation

Bring your questions! We want you to come away knowing what your life in and post-Bitmaker could be.

About UX & Product Design 

Immersive, 10-week course

Want to get into the exciting field of UX design? This is the course for you. Learn how to design amazing app and web experiences. Whether you have some experience in another design discipline or are just a design enthusiast, this course will prepare you to jump into your first UX role.

  • Learn from top UX designers

  • Get practical, career-ready skills

  • Ongoing career placement support

This isn't a typical, theory-heavy course. At Bitmaker General Assembly, you'll develop your design chops with hands-on assignments everyday. You bring it all together in a comprehensive portfolio project that demonstrates your new skills and design thinking.

  • Visual Design
    Visual design can separate a delightful experience from a merely adequate one. Use typography, color, contrast, and more to your advantage.

  • Research and Planning

    A “good idea” isn't good enough. You need to truly understand your users and put their needs at the core of your decision-making to craft a solution you can execute.

  • Interaction Design
    Getting your users painlessly from “A” to “B” can be harder than it sounds. Design engaging user journeys through clear communication and delightful interactions.

  • Polish, growth, and putting it all together

    Take user feedback into your process and integrate your efforts into a cohesive product. Practice rational design thinking to solve problems and validate your solutions.

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