As the music creation and distribution channels continue to change, so do the deals behind the music.  In an era dominated by digital streaming, and where branding and sponsorship deals are increasingly common in the music world, enter the joint venture or “profit split” deal: where a creative and a label come together to put out a project, and split the profits. This workshop will help you gain an increased understanding of how these deals might work for you…and how they might not.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to define the basics of a joint venture and understand the key differences in each form (i.e. licensing, recording, “360”, etc.)
  • Understand the basic deal structure and identify key deal points in each
  • Understand the interplay between your creative brand identity and the suitability of a joint venture to their career

About the Facilitator

Andreas Kalogiannides represents clients in business, commercial transactions, entertainment, real estate, and intellectual property. In his business, entertainment and intellectual property practice, Andreas is retained by creators, creative businesses and cultural institutions in regards to their business and legal affairs, which often includes drafting, review and negotiation of a wide variety of agreements in music, film and TV. Andreas also represents promoters and talent buyers in cross-border transactions for major Canadian and international tours.


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